Additional Tools

Wolf-Tools for your efficiency

The Wolf tools:

The digital center measuring device WolfCMD for a fast axis alignment.

Material feed for a fast part production.

The WolfCMD

Clients worldwide are convinced of our digital center measuring decive, the WolfCMD. Experience also a new generation of measuring devices, put the meter aside and get started with the WolfCMD!

The WolfCMD. Optimum interaxis alignment.

“We have been using the Wolf Center Measuring Device for 2 years now and it has become an indispensable tool for us. We use it to align tooling and work-holding on our CNC lathes and especially on our Rotary Transfer Machines. Like most other shops, our prior method was to use a tenth indicator to align tools and we thought it was effective. It was not! I can tell you that using the WolfCMD is far more accurate and effective. The WolfCMD allows us to accurately check centering and for angular alignment. The simple screen immediately tells you how much to adjust and if you are going in the right direction by giving the operator a very clear target. Drilling operations run much better when perfectly on center and perfectly aligned. A properly set drill will perform like it is designed to perform. This has been our biggest payback considering that some drills can cost $500 or more. I am often surprised that a tooling company would allow an expensive tool to be used as a demo without knowing for certain that the machine and tool are perfectly set. Using the WolfCMD is the only way to give the tool a true test. We love the WolfCMD! It has been a real game changer for us.” Customer feedback

“As far as the WolfCMD goes we love it! We primarily use it to align drills and live tooling on CNC Swiss Machines, Tsugami and Citizen. Since the interior of these machines are so small this is very difficult to do with a test indicator and mirror. I would safely estimate that it takes about 1/4 of the time to make adjustments with the WolfCMD vs a test indicator.”  Customer feedback

Electronic axis measurement, digital processing, display of the measurements in real time on the screen and generation of a report on request – all this can be implemented easily and effortlessly with the new WolfCMD.

With the use of the CMD, Wolf has reduced in-house set-up times by 80%.

Thanks to the compact design of the WolfCMD sensor, it allows for rotation around the workpiece. Centric clamping is not absolutely necessary. The sensor is universally useable.

See the Wolf CMD in action:

  • Precise: Sensor measuring range 1 mm.
  • Resolution < 0,1 μm. Measuring ranges: Outside standard 0,5 – 38 mm, special available.Inside: ≥ 25 mm
  • Compact: newly developed sensor holder enables measurements to be taken in the smallest of spaces
  • Simple: Readings are digitally recorded and graphically represented to enable automatic analysis
  • Quick: Set-up times are up to 80% shorter than for conventional measuring devices
  • No parallax errorsIdeal for use in workshopsImproved process reliability through logical measurement system
  • Storing of data for documentation and comparative measurement purposes
  • Universally adaptable for different clamping interfaces
  • Compensation of lateral forces
  • Special applications on request:
  • cable length up to 10m, larger part diameters etc.


Examples of use

Set-up of a Wolf TSM280

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Internal measurement on a lathe

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Technical data

Sensor measuring range1 mm
Resolution< 0,1 μm
Accuracy (% of the measured value)0,05
Outside measurement range0,5-38 mm
Inside measurement range≥ 25 mm
Protection ratingIP60
Standard cable length3 m


Subject to technical changes. 04/2011


Material Feed

1.  Material decoiler for coil material
For coil stock. Different vertical and horizontal coilers are available. Either mechanical version for up to 500 kg material or with electrical drive up to 1200 kg for automatic unreeling of the coil stock.

2. Rotating straightening unit
For precise straightness requirements.

3. Drive- in unit for coil material
For the initial material drive-in.

4. Step feeder
Single or twin feeding of cuttings or turned parts.

5. Bar feeder
High speed bar processing with reduced material wastage. In order to reduce reloading times for larger diameters it is possible to add a bundle loader.

6. Cross straightening unit
For straightening coil material.

7. Oscillating feeding bowl
Single part feeding.

8. Robot unit
Loading and unloading via integrated robot